Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Saucony Tempus


A few months ago in one of my reports I told Asics the Kayano needed to be reimagined. I had spent a long while listening to runners as they described their experience in the latest version. At the same time I listened to sales people talking through the latest version. I then asked them if the shoe was easy to sell or hard to sell. To a person they said it was getting harder to sell. The Kayano was butter. For more than 2 decades it was one of the easiest shoes to sell. Find the runner who needs that kind of support, put the shoe on their feet and more than likely they would never take it off. If the shoe was getting hard to sell I thought it needed to be reimagined. 

The Tempus

About 4 weeks ago I received an email from my Saucony contact. She said “I am sending you two shoes to test.” The first was the Saucony Ride which I talked about last week. The second was a totally new shoe called the Tempus. 

I like discovery so I didn`t read the description. I simply pulled it out of the box when it arrived and did my normal 10 miles in it. Instantly I knew it was a supportive trainer. After only a mile the though bubbled to the surface “This is the reimagined Kayano”. 

Foam and Structure

The main midsole you are running on is Power Run PB. Until this shoe this foam has shown up only on the go fast shoes of Endorphin Pro, Endorphin Speed and Freedom. It is ultra light, ultra resilient and just plain bouncy. It just feels fast. 

To support your foot there is a Power Run (EVA) super frame. It is the best way I can describe it. This foam provided the guidance your foot needs. As your weak foot and then ankle come in contact with the running surface the frame guides your foot to that super bouncy foam under the ball of your foot. This fame is not the selling feature. You need this frame. 

What you have always wanted is a lighter shoe that feels bouncy. The Power Run BB Foam gives you both. 


The upper is a premium mesh with support built into it. The heel fit is outstanding. The under foot just feels supportive. 

Price: $160
Available at www.Saucony.com or at your local running store. 

If you need a supportive shoe, you owe it to yourself to search this shoe out. You will understand what lightweight and fast feels like. 

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